Feel the energy…Tai Chi

Ancient Chinese art will reduce stress and tension, and leave you feeling energised, peaceful and healthy!

These are the kinds of stories we hear all of the time:

“As I get older, I feel I am losing my flexibility and balance and I need something to get it back.”

“As I have back and joint problems, I can’t practise vigorous exercise or high impact. I’m looking for a gentle way to get me stronger.”

“My life is crazy and hectic, and I’m just looking for something to take me away from it all for an hour.”

“I saw people doing Tai Chi in the park and it looked so lovely and they were so calm and peaceful, I really want to learn how to do that!”


With our ‘Tai Chi’ program- you will feel some benefits straight away, and in just a few weeks of classes, your body will become stronger and healthier.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to see with our classes:

Improved balance – Tai Chi has been scientifically proven to improve balance and reduce the occurrence in falls in the elderly

Improved bone density – The squatting nature of the tai chi postures puts a load on the legs and stimulates bone density increase.

Increased flexibility – You will increase the flexibility and range of movement in your joints, by gently stretching the muscles and releasing tension.

Increased strength – Although the postures of tai chi look effortless, they, in fact, develop a good deal of strength in the core and the legs especially.

More peace of mind – You will learn to literally dissolve tension in the body and mind. This is a skill that will enrich all areas of your life.

More joy and happiness – According to neuroscience- regular practice of ‘mindfulness’ actually causes a permanent rewiring of the brain which results in a generally more positive state of mind and an increased sense of joy. Tai Chi is literally ‘meditation in movement’.


Here are some of the things our members are saying about tai chi:

“I had given up on the idea of ever working in my beloved garden again. Amazingly, after a few weeks of Tai Chi, my legs got stronger and I was able to dig the ground for the first time in years.” Sonia.

“I used to enjoy Karate when I was younger, but I can no longer practise physical impact. I find Tai Chi to be just as fulfilling and really enjoy learning the new moves” Ken.

“Such a lovely bunch of people! I felt a bit awkward at first, but they soon put me at ease and patiently showed me all of the exercises.” Jean

So how does the class work?

Our genuine, traditional Tai Chi comes directly from the best teachers in China:

1: I have over 35 YEARS experience in Tai Chi and have been a full time teacher for 25. My mission is to take the same exacting training that I got in China, and pass it onto you- so you don’t have to learn to speak Chinese or travel halfway across the world to learn ‘the real deal’!
2: Our classes are relaxed, not ‘military’ like some martial arts- you can learn at your own pace.
3: Every class you will practise exercises that will develop flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. Combining the most ancient movements with up to date teaching methods to get you ‘twice the result with half the effort’.
4: Our of our classes cover: basic movements, breathing exercises, meditation and all of the Tai Chi routines- from simple beginner forms to more complex and challenging ones as you progress.

I am so confident that you  will love our classes that I am offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t think our class is right for you I will gladly refund your trial class payment in full. So you are very welcome to come and try three classes completely risk free.

Get started now!

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Please remember that our classes are very popular and may fill up. Take action now and fill in your details on the form above to reserve a place. Remember we offer a full money back guarantee so your purchase is risk free. I really look forward to seeing you in our class soon! David Rogers, Chief instructor. Rising Crane Centre.