Ancient Chinese method of exercise and self defence…

For centuries, the Chinese have understood the method to incredible strength, unshakable inner peace, and incredible fighting skill!


These are the kinds of stories we hear all of the time: “I have always loved watching kung fu in the movies and dreamed about learning it for real some day.” “I want a workout that is not only going to build muscles, but teach me how to move really well.” “I want to have the feeling, that if I absolutely needed to- I could do somebody some serious harm!” “I love the whole philosophy and culture of traditional martial arts and want to learn somewhere that can really teach the deepest secrets of kung fu.”

With our ‘Kung Fu’ program- you will feel some benefits straight away, and in just a few weeks of classes your body will become stronger and healthier.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to see with our classes:

    • Weight Loss
You will be moving in new ways and using muscles you never knew you had! Because it is such a great workout, the weight will come off.
    • Stress Release
The stretching exercises will release tension from your muscles. The punching and kicking will burn off major stress, and the ‘internal’ exercises will strengthen your spirit.
    • Increased Confidence
You will learn real battle-tested moves that you can use to protect yourself or your loved ones if you ever needed to. The confidence that gives you is something other people can feel, and that means that people will probably never start trouble with you.
    • Increased Self Respect
You will learn an art that has been handed down for generations. It is a valuable cultural treasure and with effort and practise you will make it yours. That is something that nobody can take away from you.
    • More peace of mind
You will learn to literally dissolve tension in the body and mind. This is a skill that will enrich all areas of your life.
    • More joy and happiness
Moving well is an art that will bring you joy. Because Kung Fu is like a meditation, regular practise will not only make you happy, but the happiness and calm will spread out into your whole day.

Here are some of the things our members are saying about Kung Fu:


“I SO look forward to class! We learn such cool stuff. It is so much fun I forget it’s a workout- but my body didn’t look this good even when I was in my 20’s!” Trevor.

“I never really enjoyed the gym and didn’t like the feeling of stiff muscles. Now I am more flexible and even stronger, plus I enjoy class because I learn new stuff every lesson.” Lucy.
“I thought it was going to be scary, but everybody here is really friendly and helpful, and the teachers are really patient.” Gavin

So how does the class work?Our genuine, traditional Kung Fu comes directly from the best teachers in China:

1: I have over 35 YEARS experience in Kung Fu and have been a full time teacher for 25. My mission is to take the same exacting training that I got in China, and pass it onto you in England- so you don’t have to learn to speak Chinese or travel halfway across the world to learn ‘the real deal’! 2: Our classes are relaxed, not ‘military’ like some martial arts- you can learn at your own pace. 3: Every class you will practise exercises that will develop flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. Combining the most ancient movements with up to date teaching methods to get you ‘twice the result with half the effort’.

I am so confident that you  will love our classes that I am offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t think our class is right for you I will gladly refund your trial class payment in full. So you are very welcome to come and try a class completely risk free.

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