Frequently asked questions: The first questions are for our adult program. Scroll down for questions about our kids programs.

1How do I get started?
Our 3 class trial can be joined at any time. Just click on the class you are interested in and you can sign up online. You can pay by card and it is safe and secure. For just 19.99 you get three classes -and we’ll even give you a free T-Shirt or gloves. Once you do that, we will book you in for your first class.
2How much will membership cost me after the 3 class trial?
Our memberships begin at £55 per month, and our most popular membership option is £85 per month (which gives you unlimited classes for less than £20 per week.) We have various other memberships to suit your schedule and budget, and will make sure we find you the best membership for you when we discuss your training goals with you. You can check out some of our membership options by clicking the 'Membership' tab in the menu.
3How do I find you?
Click on the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page for a map and directions.
4I’m a bit nervous about starting! Are the classes suitable for beginners?
We have beginners in every class. There are friendly instructors and advanced students who will help you learn the moves and get you started!
5I want to train but can’t commit to a regular time slot. Is this a problem?
Our extensive timetable means that you can choose from classes six days per week and do not have to commit to any particular class time. Also we have early and late classes to suit!
6How often do I need to come to class?
For best results, 2-3 classes per week would be ideal, but you can see results training less frequently if you train consistently.
7When are the classes?
Classes run 6 days per week, lunchtime and evenings. You do need to book your first class, but after that, you will be able to come to any class that you like.
8Are the classes suitable for women?
Yes! All of our classes are equally suitable for men and women.
9Do I need to ‘get in shape’ before starting?
Not at all! Our job is to get you into great shape! Just turn up and take it at your own pace: you will gradually be able to do more and more.
10Do I need any special equipment or clothing?
For your first trial lesson just wear loose comfortable clothing. MMA and 'fighting fit' train barefoot on mats. For tai chi you will need flat soled shoes, like plimsoles or deck shoes. It's also a good idea to bring a water bottle. Any special clothing or protective equipment you will need as you progress can be purchased from our shop in reception.
11Can I come along to check out the facilities?
Certainly! You are welcome to come along- we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you have. Pop in any evening, or Saturday morning.
12When can I begin?
Now! You do not have to wait for a new term- we now accept new students any time.
13How do I get started?
Sign up online for our web special offer by clicking on the class that you want to join, then entering your name and email. You will be taken to a page with information, timetable and a secure 'Buy Now' button. Or you can give us a call and we will book your first class for you.

FAQ For Parents

1What age groups are your children’s classes?
Our Children’s classes are age specific, each with it’s own curriculum. This program was developed by experts in child development and education. Our age groups are 5-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-14 years. For insurance reasons, we cannot accept any children younger than 5.
2How do I get my child started?
Click on 'Kids Martial Arts' on the menu-Once you enter your email into the box, you will have access to our timetable and 6 week trial offer. For £69 they will get a 6 weeks of classes, a uniform, and a 20 minute assessment with one of our coaches, who will teach them a few moves, and make sure that they are enrolled in the class that is appropriate for their level of development (Physical, mental, emotional and social)- that way we can make sure that they are challenged, but not overwhelmed. Our trial has a full money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with our program.
3How long do the classes last and how often does my child need to come?
The younger children's classes run for 45 minutes. This is the optimum class time for their development and attention span. Older children's classes are one hour long. You can bring your child as often as you like (more practise=more skill)- but the minimum attendance to learn the curriculum and qualify for belt testing is twice per week.
4Is there any contact involved?
The younger children do not punch and kick each other with contact, however they do engage in playful wrestling and partner exercises, and hit pads and shields. Older children will be expected to engage in sparring with controlled contact. This is closely monitored and uses safety equipment including gloves, shin pads and gum shields. Sparring is introduced progressively as your child’s confidence and skill develops.
5Are your instructors CRB checked?
Yes! Our instructors are CRB checked and have professional indemnity insurance.
6Can I watch my child’s class?
Absolutely. With the younger children especially you may prefer to sit in the classes for the first few classes until they are confident and settled. Then you can wait in our reception area where we have complementary hot drinks and free wifi.