Siege MMA is new concept in teaching Mixed Martial Arts.

The sport of ‘MMA’ is the fastest growing sport on the planet. It has been evolving for over 25 years. It is the ultimate combat sport because it contains all of the elements of the other combat sports: Kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu- but crucially, it allows you to use each of these skills to counter the other.

The original idea of MMA was like a ‘Triathlon’- you had to learn three separate sports and combine them after you had gained proficiency. However, the sport has optimised the techniques and methods that thrive in the ruleset and environment of MMA- effectively becoming a combat sport in its own right, and transcending the other sports that it came from.

I liken this to ‘Rock, Scissors, Paper’ rather than a triathlon. If you run in a race with me, I will use a bicycle! If you cycle against me I will push you in the water! If you swim, then I will get out and run. In the same way- we grapple a wrestler, wrestle a striker, and strike a grappler.

The concept I call ‘Integrated MMA’ is to teach the skills of MMA as a coherent SYSTEM from the very beginning. This includes the skill set of working against a cage or wall, in the clinch or open position, striking on the feet or on the ground, and submissions and defences that have been proven to work with a high percentage in MMA.

I have not invented any techniques, rather- I have looked at the DATA. Would it not make sense to concentrate on the few moves that account for 80% of success in MMA? Surely these should be our ‘fundamental curriculum’, no?

In all other physical education- a student progresses from a GENERAL skill set to a SPECIALISED skill set. For some reason, MMA is usually taught the other way around. This is contrary to sports science and coaching models used in all other sports.

Asking ‘which is the best martial art to learn if you want to excel in MMA’ is like asking ‘Which is the best ball sport to learn if you want to excel in Rugby?’ Training striking and grappling separately is like preparing for a Rugby match by learning football (Train to kick a ball) and basketball (Train to throw and pass a ball) and then put them together to play Rugby. That is simply not the right way to do it. The best way to be good at rugby is to train rugby. The best way to be good at MMA is to train MMA.

Some people are interested in self defence and the crucial thing in real fights is the integration of striking and grappling (You need to know how to defend punches and kicks, escape from a bad position on the floor, fight in a close range ‘clinch’ etc.) making MMA just about the best way to prepare for a self defence situation.

Because I have spent literally decades developing this material- I have trained with world champions in striking and grappling, trained MMA in Europe, America, Thailand -I can save you a lot of time having to piece this stuff together. Siege MMA represents the fruition of this – we have trained people from novice to National MMA champion in less than 2 years, without them having to learn separate ‘styles’ of martial arts. And we have done this multiple times.

But my real passion is taking ‘normal folks’ and turning them into fit, confident people who could get into a cage and fight if they wanted to (many don’t, they just want the skill and confidence to know that they can look after themselves and their family). We do not only train competitive fighters. ’Siege MMA’ is for everybody.

Here is an example of our material- This is from the ‘Cage Wall’ Chapter from the first rotation of our Blue Belt Curriculum. This is one technique of over 150 functional and proven techniques taught in our curriculum, come and learn from us!