Martial Arts Psychology Workshop:


How do you prepare yourself mentally for fights?

Do you consistently perform at your best under the spotlight and know how to replicate those performances?

Welcome to ‘A Winning Performance’ workshop, designed to help you perform your best when it matters the most. Alex Feary is a sport psychologist who has worked with amateur fighters, two professionals from the UFC and holds a 6-1 record in MMA. Alex will focus on two key areas of the fight game: Setting the scene for victory and Functioning successfully in the cage.

1st Half:
The first half will focus on optimising your fight preparation during fight camp and backstage before the fight. This will cover (1) tips to enhance your focus (2) super strength development and working these into your fight strategy, as well as (3) how confidence links to performance and information on how it can be enhanced.

2nd Half:
The second half will focus on in the moment performance: knowledge of the link between the mind and the body and your adrenaline and emotional responses will be used develop practical techniques to manage and control your physiology, including tips for psyching up or down to help you enter into the zone or ‘flow state’.

When? Saturday 15th April 1:00 p.m-3:30 p.m.
Where? Rising Crane Centre
Price? £40

There’s a lot of practical information, so bring a pen and paper! I look forward to seeing you there.

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