Mixed Martial Arts (Siege MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts

Are you ready to learn the most exciting sport on the planet? Finally! Real, quality MMA training is available in Bedford

These are the kinds of stories we hear all of the time:

“I really want to get back into shape. I find the gym really boring and I can’t seem to stick at it.”
“I have tried other martial arts classes- but we have to wear silly uniforms and just practise moves into thin air. Most of the moves would never work in a real fight.”
“I wanted to learn MMA, but I thought you had to learn kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu separately for years first.”
“I’ve been to other MMA clubs, but they were really rough- the classes were all about seeing who was toughest, and the instructors would hurt you when sparring.”

With our ‘Siege MMA’ program- in just a few weeks of classes you will see amazing, rapid change:

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to see with our classes:

Fitness MMA works every muscle in the body, and you will burn fat and build solid muscle with each class

Real world fighting skills MMA is the ultimate testing ground for martial arts. Only the techniques that are proven to work at the highest level will survive. You don’t have to get into the cage or compete to learn the same techniques used by professional fighters!

Stress-busting Let’s face it- hitting stuff is fun and releases a ton of stress! Coming to our club, you can hit pads, bags and really let it all out! Not only will you feel great, but your stamina will also go through the roof!

Joining a winning team Our team is like family. We have students in MMA from teens to guys in their 60’s. We have people who just want to learn to look after themselves and get fit, and we have competitive cage fighters including championship belt holders. The thing is- we are all helping each other and creating a supportive atmosphere where everybody improves.

Improved flexibility and coordination When your flexibility and coordination improves, you will move with ease and grace. You will be less likely to get pains or injuries and you will coast through your day like a well-oiled machine :)

Here are some of the things our members are saying on ‘Facebook’:

“★★★★★ Changed my life for the better. I couldn’t be any happier with the skills and friends that I have acquired” -Robert.
★★★★★ Awesome place to train! The coaching here is top notch.” – Lee
★★★★★ The best martial arts centre that I have ever attended in over 30 years of practising” – Lucas
“★★★★★ One of the best things I ever did was joining Rising Crane.” – Chris

Feedback like this is the reason that I am in this business! I love to help people transform themselves and achieve their goals.But what is it that makes our club the most successful and longest running club in Bedford?

Our Formula.

  • Integrated approach. Instead of learning striking without takedowns, or grappling without striking, out students learn from day 1 how to fight ‘MMA style’. This means that they will not develop bad habits or learn techniques that will only work within a limited rule set. This is the perfect approach for self defence and MMA.

  • Systematic coaching. I have studied martial arts for OVER 30 YEARS. I have travelled the world and trained with world champions in all disciplines- Thai Boxing, San Da, BJJ and others. I know the ‘secret’ to martial arts is good fundamentals and a systematic approach to sparring. I make sure you are performing the moves correctly- using technique not ‘brute force’ and the sparring used ‘progressive resistance’ so you will gradually increase the intensity as you develop your skills.
  • Complete curriculum. Our classes cover EVERY ASPECT of MMA: Punches, kicks, knees, elbows, clinching, wrestling, ground and pound, submissions and using the cage wall are covered in every class. Also you will learn how to defend all of those things!
  • Scientific strength and conditioning. Our S&C coaches continually attend courses to ensure that our approach uses the latest, scientific training methods as used by UFC champions and other fighters.To complete your education we also include nutrition and even sports psychology so you will be totally prepared.

I am so confident that you  will love our classes that I am offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t think our class is right for you I will gladly refund your trial class payment in full. So you are very welcome to come and try three classes completely risk free.

Get started now!

Getting started is simple- just enter your name and email in the box at the top of the page, and you will be taken to a page showing our class times and you can order our 3 class trial for just £19.99. We will even throw in a FREE pair of gloves! you can order securely and risk free and then we will be in touch in the next day to arrange your first class at your convenience. Don’t worry about ‘spam’- We absolutely will not share your email with anybody.


Act Now

Please remember that our classes are very popular and may fill up. Take action now and fill in your details on the form above to reserve a place. Remember we offer a full money back guarantee so your purchase is risk free.

I really look forward to seeing you in our class soon!

David Rogers,
Chief instructor.