As I had announced in the beginning of the year,

I have closed the centre in order to take a sabbatical,
and visit my teacher in China.
Unfortunately, the corona virus has spoiled the timing somewhat-
but I am sure that things will work out 

I will keep everyone informed about

new classes etc. on my return, but I can’t say when that will be at this time.

We are still active on Facebook, and in our facebook groups- so if you check in there

you will get up to date information. Also I will be adding new videos on Youtube very soon.

(All the links for these are at the bottom of the page)

The good news is that there are several Tai Chi classes that have been started-
all by fully qualified Rising Crane instructors,
so you can start or continue your tai chi training.

(Apologies that our other programs do not currently have official classes running)

Please contact the instructors of the classes that you wish to attend,
and they will be very happy to get you started. (Details below)

In addition, I will be starting an online academy-
where I will be teaching Kung Fu and tai chi in the comfort of your own home,
including regular training programs and audio and video lessons –
I am very excited about the new project and will keep you up to date
on this.
In the meantime- you can sign up for a FREE class here,

where I will teach you a basic Tai Chi Lesson (our first Chi Kung exercise that will help your energy and flexibility)

or a  basic kung fu lesson (A punch combination with details on power training and application for self defence or MMA) 


I hope you benefit from these lessons,
and please contact our instructors about starting attending a tai chi class,
the details are below:

Box End Kempston:

Monday and Tuesday Evenings

Contact Jenny:

Tel: 07737597358

Bunyan Sports Centre: Thursdays 7:30pm

Guild House: Thursdays 1pm.

Contact Linda:

Tel: 07971153274

Upper Caldecote Church Hall: Thursday 7:30pm.

Contact Hugh:

Text: 07773311678 (Text message only please)

Best Wishes,