February Membership.

In February, the membership collection company will only automatically collect membership for those scheduled on February first.

If you membership is collected on any other day, please purchase the February membership through the secure link below,

using any credit card.

Once you have paid, we can cross you off of the list. Unfortunately, as we are so short staffed we may not be able to collect the payment on the front desk, but you can ask an instructor and we can organise something for you if you’d prefer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can enter your usual DD amount, or pay a part month if your membership is just for the end of the month, I leave it to your discretion, as I let each member decide which day they would like to pay, and I did not charge a pro rata amount when you joined. 

Any queries please email me using the ‘contact’ tab at the top of the page.

February Membership