David Rogers, owner and chief instructor of Rising Crane.

The Rising Crane Centre is Bedford’s longest running fully equipped, full time Martial arts academy. Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of tuition within a friendly, comfortable club atmosphere.

Our Fighting Fit classes are designed to get you into the best possible shape by teaching mixed martial arts movements hitting bags and using cutting edge conditioning methods, without sparring or partner contact. They are also recommended for anybody that wants to learn MMA but wants to learn the moves and get into great physical condition first.

Our Kung Fu and Tai Chi programs aim to teach the authentic, traditional arts the same exacting standards as you would find in China, but using modern scientific training methods and a teaching style that is suited to western students.

We aim to improve the quality of life of individuals by increased health and well being, improved levels of energy, and learning of a valuable cultural art. The benefits of this training will help them in all areas of their lives.

Our MMA program is taught as an integration of striking and grappling, both on the feet and on the ground. The aim is to closely simulate the conditions of a real fight as intensely as possible whilst still being safe for the students.

This is possible because of the use of protective equipment and specialised sparring drills. Our integrated approach (rather than teaching striking and grappling separately like many schools) enables development of the correct reflexes for MMA competition or realistic self-defence. Many of our students have successfully fought in the cage, but our classes are equally for those who just want to learn to look after themselves and enjoy the training.

Our junior martial arts programs are designed to instil confidence and aid children in developing to their fullest potential. We seek to help build a solid foundation in life by assisting them in achieving a healthy mind and body through martial arts practice.

This training will give them the self-confidence, focus and determination necessary to become strong and successful in every aspect of life.

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