For those of you who may be interested in my personal ideas and philosophies, here are a few links to some articles and blogposts I have written, plus some interviews that I have given. Some are a few years old, and my opinions and ideas are always evolving and changing.

(All are links- click to open)


1. Interview covering my training history and ideas (2013).

2. Interview on the ‘Southern Fist’ website (2013).

3. Interview on traditional in MMA. (2017)

4. Audio interview on the ‘Scholar Warrior’ podcast (2017).

5. Video interview- ‘Scholar Warrior Round 2’ (2018)

Articles published in the American magazine: Inside Kung Fu

1. Inside Kung-Fu Magazine 1: No nonsense kung fu (2009).

2. Inside kung fu Magazine 2: The long arms of the crane (2010).

Blog articles:

1. Branding vs. System in Martial Arts (2015).

2. Deng Family Hung Kyun.(2014)

3. Enter the Meercat! (2015) 

4. Why don’t more people spar? (2014)

5. Systems theory versus design theory in martial arts. (2017)

6. On a rational approach to spirituality.(2017) 

7. Balancing Science and Culture in Martial Arts. (2019)