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Junior Martial Arts

Our Junior program will not only get your children fit and learn how to look after themselves- it will teach them lessons that will last a lifetime. Kids gain focus, discipline, self-control and self-respect, and their parents love it! Building confident, bully-proof kids.

Dear Parent,

My name is David Rogers, Our classes have transformed the lives of hundreds of children (including my own!) I want to share some of the ways in which martial arts have benefited them and amazed their parents:

Here are some typical stories that we hear all of the time:

“Tracy spends a lot of time on the computer or playing video games. She doesn’t enjoy sports and I am concerned she is unfit for her age.”
“Paul is ‘hyperactive’. He never can sit still or concentrate on what he is doing. He is clever but just can’t focus his energy”
“Jim is shy and lacks confidence; the school bully picks on him, but Jim just doesn’t have the confidence to stand up to him”
“Jean just has no self-discipline. She can’t keep her room tidy and is always late with her school work. If I want something done I have to nag her constantly”

After just a few weeks of regular martial arts classes things begin to change:

Here are just a few of the many benefits kids get from training in the martial arts:

Improved concentration: As your child learns to concentrate on performing his martial arts movements, we gradually increase the difficulty and time of the exercise. the result is that their focus is improved in all areas- listening in class, doing homework, tidying their bedroom- whatever they decide to do.

Getting fit and healthy: Without forcing your child into doing exercises they don't want to do and may find boring- martial arts will help them to move in the ways that children naturally want to move- jumping, running, crawling, rolling will develop core strength- helping to prevent health problems later in life-and get them to a healthy weight. This in turn will make them more alert, fit and happy.

Learning to set goals and work towards them: A massive life lesson that I learned from martial arts is to not say "Can't". Our students learn that the way to be able to do anything is through practise and even if you can't do something straight away you can achieve it with time and effort. Once they have this idea in their martial arts class, they can use it in school and later in their whole life.

Increased confidence: We teach students to look the bully in the eye and not back down. In nearly every case, the bully will see the child is not a victim and will back down! The child will have real confidence because they know that in the rare chance that the bully does physically attack them, they have the real skills to defend themselves without getting hurt. They will also learn that physical force is to be used only when absolutely necessary and to use the minimal power to defend themselves without causing unnecessary injury to the bully.

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Here is some feedback we have gotten from parents:

“Julie is loving her martial arts classes.She cannot wait for class and is always practising at home. I have noticed she is a lot happier and more focused since starting training.” Mrs. Jones (Julie’s Mum)
“Thomas was always so distracted and ‘all over the place’. Since starting martial arts he has really calmed down and started to concentrate more. We are delighted!” Mr. Chau (Thomas’s dad)
“Jim finally stood up to the kid who had been bullying him for months, and now they are friends! I couldn’t be prouder of the way he handled himself.” Mrs. Cookham (Jim’s Mum)

Feedback like this is the reason that I am in this business! I love to teach such a great bunch of kids and feel privileged to be able to affect their lives in a positive way. If you want any more information, please call in, and read the “FAQ” list below.


“What is the difference between ‘Junior Martial Arts’ at Rising Crane and other forms?”
In our classes, the children learn to defend themselves against punches and kicks and also at close range or on the ground, which is where most playground fights end up. The confidence they get comes from knowing that they can handle themselves in any situation. Plus we incorporate fitness training and character development into the classes, so it really is a complete education.

“Aren’t martial arts violent?”
We are committed to teaching traditional martial arts ethics and moralities along with techniques that are realistic and battle tested, so your child will absolutely learn the values of respect, discipline and self control. Our students are NOT violent!

“Is the training dangerous? Will my child get hurt?”
We stress safety in our classes- the floors are padded, we wear protective equipment and ‘full contact’ is something that the students practise on pads and bags- not on each other! Of course, to really learn to defend yourself there needs to be a bit of ‘rough and tumble’- this is healthy and is a part of learning to deal with physical force. Injuries are very rare in our classes compared to many other sports like football! Your child’s safety is our priority.

“What age is best to start?”
We take children from age 5, but the important thing is that our classes are AGE APPROPRIATE. In some schools young children train with older children and even adults! This would never happen in, say, maths class so why do it in martial arts? We understand the psychology and developmental needs of different ages and ensure that whatever your child’s age, they are getting the most appropriate training.

“Will my child stick with the classes?”
Like learning a foreign language or a musical instrument- martial arts takes time and practise. Luckily, our classes are a lot of fun, and most children really enjoy the training and don’t want to miss a lesson! “Can we just try out the school for a while to see how my child gets on?” Absolutely! That’s what our special trial membership is for.

I am so confident that you and your child will love our classes that I am offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t think our class is right for your child I will gladly refund your trial membership payment in full. So you are very welcome to come and the classes completely risk free.

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